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Navigating Office Lease Negotiations

After payroll, real estate is typically the subsequent costliest expenditure for any business. If not chosen and negotiated wisely, your organization risks losing a lot of money that could have been otherwise put towards company growth. Because no lease is standard, DESIGN+BUILD is committed to helping businesses negotiate the best lease agreements for their current and future workspace needs.

When navigating the world of commercial real estate brokers and leases, it’s essential to understand the different aspects of finding an optimizable office space.

You’ll need to understand questions such as:
  • “Is it smarter to sublease space?

  • “How much is it going to cost to get the space to work for our team?”

  • “How can I benefit from a competitive renter’s market as a growing business?”

  • “How can I generate greater leverage?”

For those who don’t know the answers or who want expert guidance, our team is happy to help you navigate this tricky terrain.

We often preach that not all spaces are created equally. Thankfully, we’re really good at helping businesses find the best and most cost-effective areas. Below, we outlined our approach to client projects and how we can help find, build, and optimize your perfect space.

The future of workspace

DESIGN+BUILD provides a comprehensive workspace analysis and implementation strategies for lease terms to create a space allocation program. We utilize these outlines as benchmarks for optimizing your current and future office spaces.

Our analysis gathers your company information, metrics, and goals necessary to achieve your business’s objectives. Objectives can range from increasing office productivity to accommodate hybrid workforces. We also help enterprises to lower real estate costs, plan for and maintain growth, support/develop company culture, gain a competitive edge, and more!

Finding the perfect space

Your workspace analysis program will allow a streamlined approach to partnering with a local tenant representative. This creates a much swifter process of locating suitable spaces for comparison shopping. In addition, our team works alongside you and the broker (or other representatives) to ensure that your new area is optimal for your current and future success and operational objectives.

We provide expert insight into a space’s potential to help your business make extensively informed decisions. We use workplace analysis and planning to produce accurate space programs unique to your operations and workflows. Essentially, we provide detailed analysis and consultation on potential offices to ensure that they would become a well-optimized space for your business.

TIA- not all spaces are created equally

Often the largest area of uncertainty within lease negotiation and finding new office space has to do with the opportunity of tenant improvement allowances (TIA). It’s rare to move into a new office space that is turnkey and optimized for your business’s success without 3rd party help. Because of this, landlords typically offer allowances (or budgets) for tenant improvement projects. These projects can range from new paint or carpets to entire space reconfiguration and are either partially or entirely paid for by the landlord.

Too often, landlords and property managers neglect the best interest of their tenants to minimize costs. DESIGN+BUILD can provide you with ready-to-go and turnkey workspace solutions to meet the demands of your business objectives. We are experts in the services we provide for our clients.

DESIGN+BUILD can step in on behalf of the client to manage the project and help protect your vision and investment. When you’re negotiating the terms of a TIA, our team will ensure that you have the flexibility to maximize your budget and provide the space is created to fit the best interest of your organization and team.

Our team is ready to help negotiate the most significant tenant improvement budget to customize your space. Learn more about tenant improvement allowances here.


DESIGN+BUILD’s workspace analysis and program provide information and guidance to help you make informed decisions at every point throughout your project. Our goal is to provide your organization with a turnkey workspace that is perfectly optimized for your current and future business.

DESIGN+BUILD has over 400 happy clients and has transformed over 2 million sqft of workspace. Contact us today to learn more!


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