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Office Design Principles To Promote Engagement

Your organization most likely has strategies in place to encourage employee engagement, but have you considered how office design can also facilitate engagement? In this post, we’ll take a look at some fundamental design principles to get you started on the path to cultivating a more engaging work environment for employees at every level.

Incorporate Inclusive Spaces

Studies have found that employees who feel connected at their jobs generate four times more revenue and are up to 37 percent more productive. That means if your workspace isn’t facilitating connectedness, you shouldn’t expect to get the most from your employees. One excellent way to achieve this goal is by adding designated collaboration and flex spaces into your office space. By giving your team specific areas to use as they deem fit and work as a team, you can encourage them to find new ways to make connections and engage their fellow employees.

Use Technology to Encourage Engagement

Almost 3.7 million employees in the United States work from home at least 50 percent of the week. Promoting engagement is no longer exclusive to the physical office space. You need to make sure you’re encouraging participation for work-from-home (WFH) employees just as much as on-site employees.

Having designated areas for video conferencing with high-definition webcams and microphones can help keep WFH employees on the same page with everyone on your team. Likewise, having a collaboration platform that works just as effectively at home as it does in the office can empower employees to stay engaged no matter where they are.

Give Your Team Choices

One of the most powerful ways to encourage employee engagement is by giving them the power of choice. Allowing employees to use flexible spaces as they deem fit is ideal for promoting participation while increasing productivity.

After all, productivity can’t exist without creative solutions to challenges. Allowing your team to exercise their creativity with areas that prioritize flexibility instead of constraints gives them the agency to make their own space. They’re able to incorporate elements that inspire them into the space, creating a more comfortable, engaging work environment they’ll enjoy inhabiting throughout the day.

Cultivate a Team Culture

Having a larger organizational culture for employees to tap into is an excellent way to promote engagement. Office design elements are an essential component of conveying your organization’s culture. From the art you choose to hang on the walls to decorating with your organization’s color schemes, creating a lively environment that sets your organization apart is fundamental to facilitating engagement while attracting top industry talent.

Your Office Design Experts

If you’re ready to start exploring how office design can help you achieve your larger goal of promoting employee engagement, contact the experts at DESIGN+BUILD today. We’ll work with you to understand your team’s workflows and broader organizational goals to design an office space around your needs.

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