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Tech Workspace Trends Worth Stealing

The tech industry has revolutionized the ways people interact, businesses operate, and, believe it or not, how teams use office spaces. From challenging the idea that every worker needs an assigned desk and that all directors need private offices, tech companies are known for transforming the way we think about how office design drives productivity and performance.

As discussed in a previous post, agile office space principles were born from IT companies looking to streamline project management and facilitate collaboration. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the tech workspace trends that redefine the ways we think about what the modern workplace can and should be.

More Balanced Layouts

When companies transition to an open office layout, they too frequently go overboard and forget about the importance of balanced workspaces. As you’ll hear us repeatedly avow at DESIGN+BUILD, thoughtful office design is about finding the ideal balance between collaborative, shared spaces and focus-oriented areas based on your team’s workflows. Tech companies frequently get this right because they understand the importance of flexible offices that make space for project collaboration and more intensive tasks that require quiet and concentration.

Activity-Based Areas

On top of achieving a balance between quiet and collaboration areas, tech companies do an excellent job of delineating clear areas for each. You don’t want a focus-oriented space bordering large, open collaboration areas. Using furniture, plants, and desks to guide movement throughout your office is essential for establishing borders that give your team the spaces they need to succeed.

Seamless Technology

Technology has become the backbone of just about every business operation, and your team needs a technology platform that never slows them down. Integrating outlets, USB ports, wireless access points, and digital screens into your overarching office design can ensure that your team always has access to mission-critical resources.

Design and Branding

Your office space speaks volumes about your organization’s cultural values and your business priorities. That’s why tech companies understand that thoughtful office design is more important than ever before. Likewise, your team’s working environment directly impacts how they work, from attracting top talent in your industry to driving productivity. Creating a comfortable work environment gives your team a space to enjoy walking into each morning while inviting potential clients to partner with you.

Flexible Office Elements

From the wide range of desk designs available to movable walls, tech companies understand that their office space needs to match their ever-changing needs. Your team should never have to adapt the way they work to the constraints of an ill-suited work environment. Whether that means supplementing your office with wheeled desks or flex spaces is up to you and your design partner.

Schedule Your Free Workplace Audit

Interested in exploring how your team can benefit from adopting the latest office design strategies? Schedule your free workplace audit with the experts at DESIGN+BUILD today, and we’ll work with you to develop an office space that’s optimized for your growth goals and workflows.

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