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We create experiences that foster community, cultivate a feeling of belonging, and drive success for the most captivating and influential corporations and institutions.

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Our 72-Hr test fit includes space plans, concrete budgeting, and project schedule. Click below to download the details or call our office at (503) 232-1974 to get started.

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Are you considering a new office lease? Are you concerned about getting the best possible terms and concessions?

How We Can Help You?

Employee Alignment

Workplace strategy connects the employee experience with organizational objectives by aligning real estate location, working model, and workplace design with the organization's direction.

 intelligent workplace

A data-driven workplace strategy can support objectives like efficiency, sustainability, culture change, or talent attraction, and the right partner can help create an intelligent workplace strategy that delivers on commercial and cultural goals.

Workplace Design

Workplace design is important for employee experience, performance, and well-being by organizing and equipping the workspace to meet organizational objectives.

Experienced Team

DESIGN+BUILD designers specialize in solving customer problems by asking the right questions that uncover and enable the potential of the workplace. With a focus on world-class design, they help organizations achieve their workplace goals and optimize the employee experience.

Streamlined & holistic approach

01 Workplace Strategy

Our expert strategy team understands how workspace impacts performance, motivation, and morale. We apply expertise in leadership alignment, psychology, employee experience, and workplace organization to develop a strategic plan for your workplace.

02 Architecture & Interior Design

We make the most of your space and your budget with practical, intentional office designs tailored to your requirements and workflows. Designers expertly incorporate your company values and branding into your design.

03 Pre-Construction

Before construction starts, we’ll sit down with you to develop a budget, schedule, and plan.

We use a quantitative approach grounded in more than 30 years of practical experience to provide realistic estimates, drive down costs, and streamline construction timelines.

04 Construction

To ensure your peace of mind our experienced construction team manages the entire construction and build-out process.

Our proactive approach to communication and problem solving eliminates many common concerns to keep your project on schedule and budget.

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Our company provides a dedicated single point of contact, guaranteeing effective communication and a smooth experience from start to finish. In addition, we have a proven history of success in budget negotiations for leasing, consistently delivering favorable results. Our clients benefit from an average tenant improvement (TI) allowance increase of 6% or more, ensuring their needs are met and their expectations exceeded.

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