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FP Transitions

Specializing in strategies for managing financial services practices, FP Transitions wanted their headquarters to reflect the values and results they practice and advocate for with their client base. They also wanted an updated look for their workspace that provided options for their employees to take frequent Zoom calls and host happy hours.

FP Transitions

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Located in Lake Oswego, their refreshed space is bright and welcoming to employees and clients, providing a variety of meeting and gathering spaces for both focus work and collaboration. A central, versatile lounge and coffee bar serve as a landing space for both internal and client meetings, and a fully upgraded cafe kitchen serves as both a break space and touch-down space, allowing employees to get away from their desks and work in an alternate setting. The necessity for privacy and acoustic separation was also a key factor in the design, accommodated with the provision of additional acoustic materials in open spaces as well as the construction of private focus booths.


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