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Guide to Creating the Worst Workspace Design

Have you ever dreamed of creating a workspace that sucks the joy out of life? A place where people dread coming to work, creativity goes to die, and teamwork is nonexistent?

Rose Wilson

Marketing Manager

Creating the Worst Workspace Design: A Guide to Prohibiting Productivity, Diversity, Collaboration, Innovation, and Profitability

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Have you ever dreamed of creating a workspace that sucks the joy out of life? A place where people dread coming to work, creativity goes to die, and teamwork is nonexistent? Welcome, dear reader, to the definitive guide on how to create a work environment that kills culture, collaboration, and the human spark in life. Maybe you are tired of hearing about the same old tips for creating the perfect workspace design that encourages productivity, diversity, collaboration, innovation, and profitability.


We have scoured the darkest corners of the internet and consulted with the most soulless corporate drones to bring you these foolproof tips.


Embrace Zero Privacy Policy

Say goodbye to walls and privacy! Instead, embrace the open floor plan and create a crowded, noisy environment that makes it difficult for your employees to concentrate. Let them hear every phone call and sneeze from their colleagues. Who needs peace and quiet, right?

It's crucial to strip away any personal space your employees might have, making them feel like they're constantly under scrutiny in a fishbowl. And let's not forget about the lunch areas - make them uninviting and unsuitable for your teams to relax and recharge during breaks. Remember, the more uncomfortable and exposed they feel, the less motivated and productive they'll be.

Skimp on Basic Necessities

Secondly, let's make sure to prioritize cost-cutting and neglect basic office amenities such as ergonomic desks and adjustable chairs. Who needs comfort, well-being, and health anyway? Let's create an environment where employees feel like they're trapped in a human brain farm, overworked and underpaid, with no regard for their physical or mental well-being. After all, their discomfort and dissatisfaction will surely hinder any trace of happiness or productivity.


Embrace a Rigid Floor Plan

Disregard the importance of flexibility and variety. Enforce a rigid floor plan where employees are limited to assigned cubicles, devoid of any personalization. Cling onto outdated systems long past their expiration date. Ensure that each workspace is cramped and uninspiring. Ignore any and all research that indicates constrained spaces result in demotivation and decreased productivity.

Discourage Collaboration

Another critical aspect of creating a terrible workspace design is to stifle creativity and innovation. Let's make sure that there's no room for ideas, opinions, or feedback. We want to create an environment where people are afraid to speak up or challenge the status quo. This way, we can ensure that we maintain the same level of mediocrity for years to come. Lastly, let's forget about diversity and inclusion. We want a homogeneous workforce that thinks and acts the same way. It's essential to create an environment where employees feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.


Cultivate a Toxic Culture

Promote a toxic culture where achievements are disregarded, employee contributions remain unrecognized, and work-life balance is an alien concept. This will guarantee the departure of top talent and transform employee retention into a recurring nightmare. Foster closed communication channels and discourage feedback, fostering an atmosphere of fear and mistrust. Toxic environments are infamous for breeding disengagement, unproductivity, and burnout among teams.


Congratulations! You've now learned how to create a work environment that's as dull and lifeless as possible. We hope you enjoy your new role in the world's most soul-crushing workplace.

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