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Nike's Branded Workspace: Fostering Success and Cultivating Innovation 

Nike's unwavering dedication to their branded workspace stands as a testament to their understanding of the deep connection between the physical environment and team achievements.

Guide to Creating the Worst Workspace Design

Have you ever dreamed of creating a workspace that sucks the joy out of life? A place where people dread coming to work, creativity goes to die, and teamwork is nonexistent?

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: Benefits Beyond the Bottom Line

Diversity is a fundamental aspect of any healthy organization that wants to thrive in today's globalized world.

Latest DESIGN+BUILD Portland Development Progress

We are doubling our downtown footprint in the Wells Fargo Center.

Creating a “commute worthy” workspace experience for top legal talent.

Creating a “commute worthy” workspace experience for top legal talent.

Data-Driven Design Strategies

The modern workplace strategy involves leveraging data and understanding how people work to increase productivity and collaboration in an organization.

Using Office Space To Promote Productivity

Beyond the obvious benefits that a well-designed office layout can provide, you may be surprised to learn how office design can elevate employee productivity to new levels.

Cultivating A Collaborative Work Environment

When employees feel comfortable in their workspace, they’re more likely to share ideas, spread knowledge, and explore new workflow possibilities.

Guide To The Future of Open Office Space

Open-plan offices arose in an attempt to “convey a modern, break-all-the-rules attitude.” Unfortunately, open floor design trends became the new rule in the process.

Should You Hire An Architect or Design-Build Firm?

Challenges of working with a design-build firm and why a traditional architect might be right for you.

Office Designs Tailored For Millennial Expectations

Take a closer look at what Millennials are looking for in the workplace, along with how businesses can align an office design with those desires.

5 things to look out for before changing your office space

Gone are the days when the office would meet the needs of everyone simply because it housed a desk and a computer.

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