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Building Analysis: Your Roadmap to Smart Real Estate Decisions

Learn how we mitigate risk from the very beginning with data-driven insights.

Jeffrey Snair


What is the Building Analysis Tool? 

The Building Analysis is a powerful risk mitigation tool designed by our multi-disciplinary team of experts. It serves as a shortlist evaluation, enabling us to visualize the client’s ideal space under different lease scenarios.

With hundreds of professional hours invested into its development, this site analysis tool serves as a cornerstone in alleviating risk and providing support to our clients as they navigate through pre-lease space evaluations. 

The Building Analysis is the second step in our process

Mitigating Risk at Every Step

The goal of every project is to incorporate our client's unique vision into their chosen space. Calculated, data-driven insights from the Building Analysis guide us from concept to reality while taking into account long-term cost and schedule implications. We address these potential risks at the very beginning of lease negotiation ensuring that they are integrated into discussions with the landlord and throughout the entire process to help maximize client negotiating power.

This proactive approach helps to mitigate all those potential surprise costs down the line that you don't find until post lease signing.

A Comprehensive Evaluation

Our streamlined in-house approach navigates the client through each phase, emphasizing timeliness and helping organizations harmonize their vision with cost-effective strategies.

Here's a glimpse of what the Building Analysis delivers: 

  1. Program with Target Space Allocation: We take into account the client’s current and projected employee head count and specific team needs, specifying the square footage (SQFT) of space allocated to meet their requirements. Unique space types include private offices, open offices, meeting and collaboration spaces, and support spaces.

  2. Test Fit Plans for Multiple Locations: Our building analysis isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we take the client's unique program and apply it consistently across all the shortlisted potential buildings they're interested in. This ensures that they have an apples-to-apples comparison, making it easier to identify the best fit for their needs. 

  3. Immersive Design: We create spatial renderings to help the clients picture themselves in their space. These designs are beautifully customized to best actualize their unique vision. 

  4. Strategic Budget: We provide a projected cost analysis for each shortlisted location, spanning from 1 to 15+ years into the future. We can assess how well the client’s requirements align with the building's existing conditions, helping to minimize construction costs and maximize their budget. 

  5. Project Schedule: We map out the entire journey, projecting completion times from site selection, through design, permitting, procurement, all the way to the completed construction and move-in date. No surprises along the way. 

Stay tuned for a deeper dive on each individual step. To download an example copy of the Building Analysis, click here. 


Your Path Forward: Contact A Workspace Specialist 

Ready to embark on proactive planning? Reach out to our team today, and we’ll start exploring the possibilities for your new office space. 


Share Your Insights and Stories 

Join the conversation and share your experiences by emailing us at By fostering a platform of dialogue and diverse learning, we can collectively shape a better workspace landscape for all. 


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