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Data-Driven Design Strategies

The modern workplace strategy involves leveraging data and understanding how people work to increase productivity and collaboration in an organization.

Rose Wilson

Marketing Manager

Data-Driven Design with Workplace Strategy


Tallying the number of employees and workstations is no longer an adequate modern workplace strategy. Understanding how people work and leveraging modern data in your workspace design can increase productivity and collaboration in your organization. Genesis Financial Solutions recognized the inefficiencies of segmented departments on multiple floors and consolidated their space to support their need for 30 private offices and 220 open office seats.

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Diverse Meeting and Gathering Spaces


Gone are the days of arriving at work and sitting at the same desk day in and day out. Providing a variety of dynamic areas for both focus work and collaboration puts people back at the center of the workspace. For example, FP Transitions created a central, versatile lounge and coffee bar for both internal and client meetings, as well as a fully upgraded café kitchen serving as a break space and touchdown space.

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Virtual Meeting Technology and Acoustic Considerations


Executive teams are always looking for ways to improve productivity and overcome obstacles that may hinder profitability. One way to achieve this is by ensuring that the technology and workspace design are convenient and conducive to effective communication. Acoustic design and virtual meeting technology are essential factors to consider when creating a workspace that can make all the difference.

To illustrate this point, Delap partnered with DESIGN+BUILD to create "resi-mercial" areas that combine the comfort of residential spaces with the functionality of commercial ones. The workspace design includes fully-equipped video call rooms that allow teams to connect easily, regardless of their location.

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