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Creating a “commute worthy” workspace experience for top legal talent.

Creating a “commute worthy” workspace experience for top legal talent.

Jeffrey Snair


Undoubtedly, events over the last couple years has had a significant impact on the way people work, and organizations across all industries have had to adapt accordingly. This includes law firms, which have had to rethink their approach to the workplace in order to attract and retain top talent. Our Clients have found that setting up an experiential workplace with thoughtful design has become crucial in achieving this goal.


Over time, the expectations of employees have evolved, and the legal industry is no exception. Our data shows that both new graduates and top talent are seeking greater flexibility in their roles. In response, many of our legal clients have been redesigning their office spaces to create a more attractive and engaging experience that reflects their culture and helps their people to perform at their best.


So, what are some of the common themes we're seeing in these new legal spaces? For one, there is less demand for individually owned desks and offices, with a greater emphasis on shared spaces that facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing. There is also a focus on creating wellness-centric spaces, such as quiet rooms and areas for reflection and respite. Additionally, social and connection spaces have become increasingly important as a way of promoting bonding and networking among teams.


Gone are the days of the large open canteen that offers ultimate flexibility by stacking chairs and tables. Instead, people are looking for more intimate and private spaces that allow for building relationships and trust in a short period of time. Law firms are not tech companies, so while some teams require deep focus and concentration, large group meetings are not typically part of their operations. Instead, firms require more intimate spaces that are conducive to holding seminars and networking events.


Lastly, there is a growing demand among graduates and junior associates for access to learning, mentoring, and subject matter experts. Proximity to these individuals provides opportunities for employees to learn more efficiently and be exposed to different types of clients and matters.


At our firm, we understand that different legal clients have different needs and starting points. We work closely with each client to explore alternative layouts and design solutions that will help them achieve their goals. In today's world, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but by providing the best possible work environment for their teams, firms can support talent retention and attraction.

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