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Bridgewell Resources

The DESIGN+BUILD team supported Bridgewell's search in finding the most optimal, commute-worthy space for team collaboration, training, and in-person mentoring opportunities.

The newly designed space features wide corridors perfect for walking phone calls, paired with hybrid-ready meeting rooms for private conversation. The pathway opens up into a dense yet open work area, creating a seamless transition between remote and in-person work. Natural light breathes through every angle, uplifting long-tenured team spirit and jumpstarting productivity. The space introduces a variety of productivity zones, purposefully designed to accommodate the diverse schedules and needs of a dynamic, agile workforce.

Bridgewell Resources

Explore the Possibilities

A workspace expert can help you optimize your workspace to improve productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being. During a consultation, a workspace expert will assess your current workspace and discuss your needs and goals for the future.

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