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Creating A Caring Workplace

Excellence in workplaces is achieved by embracing challenges, cultivating a healthy culture, and valuing contributions.

Kyle Chandler

Client Relations

Every successful story has a history of blood, sweat, and tears – as the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built overnight!

But as your company starts to evolve from humble beginnings into a leader in its field, you will undoubtedly feel a combination of emotions for the results your hard work has yielded. Gratitude, satisfaction, and pride are all entirely valid feelings on behalf of both yourself and the hard-working team you’ve had alongside you. Success breeds success and leads to a team of energized and engaged employees with high levels of motivation.

It can take a long time to reach the point where it’s possible to take a few moments to reflect on your journey so far and to appreciate the fact that you’ve achieved real success. Of course, having a business where employees enjoy coming to work and are continuously inspired is a real achievement. But what exactly does it take to get this far? Some of the most dedicated workforces across different companies all have something in common, a quality identified by The Great Place to Work Institute: a commitment to providing an employee experience.

Far more than simply offering physical premises to carry out a job, those who excel deliver in three key areas: challenge, culture, and contribution. But what exactly does that mean? Here’s a closer look at the finer details.

Embracing a challenge

Dedicated employees are the soul of any workplace experience, creating a dynamic setting and delivering top-notch performances. A great example of this is the gaming industry, a market worth over $100 billion. One of the key elements to its success is the challenge it offers players, keeping them engaged and enthused about wanting more.

Many companies are keen to streamline processes, removing any complexities to improve productivity and efficiencies. While this isn’t necessarily the wrong approach to take, it’s vital to balance this against the wellbeing of your employees, who will thrive on being challenged and will engage far more deeply when they’re stimulated.

One way to challenge employees is to offer real opportunities to progress up the career ladder and expand their skillset. The companies that invest in their employees in this way are the same ones with a workforce that are more productive, skilled, and happier.

Getting the culture right

Culture is vital to any workplace as it permeates everything you do. Your ethos and culture will be visible to those outside your company and will be a key component in whether you can attract the top talent when you’re recruiting.

But it’s far more than just a superficial facade; the culture extends throughout your employees’ daily interactions and will have a big impact on how they’re made to feel. Whether it’s new employees joining your company or established staff who want to feel valued in their role, everything else will crumble if you don’t have the right culture.

Valuing contributions

The team that feels they are truly part of the business is a team that will be invested in the ultimate success. Studies have shown that when able to contribute to a shared goal, there’s a much greater sense of satisfaction and purpose. This can be invaluable in the workplace, motivating employees to go above and beyond what you might reasonably expect.

To be truly authentic, you need to demonstrate that the company contributes in-kind and gives back as much as it receives. You can achieve this by showing you commit to social responsibility, are part of the local community, and contribute to charities. All these factors help employees to feel that they’re working for an organization where their input can make a real difference in many ways.

By focusing your efforts on improving the workplace experience for your team, you will inevitably be also contributing to your own success. Having a world-class workplace is something you have every right to feel proud of. Invest in the team around you, and you will be rewarded with their commitment to your company values and their dedication in driving to even greater success in the future. Working together harmoniously and dynamically, you will indeed be creating a caring workplace to be grateful for.

Schedule Your Free Workspace Audit

Thoughtful office design begins by understanding where you’re at right now: what your office space is doing effectively, along with how it’s underserving your organization’s needs and goals. Chances are, your organization falls somewhere in between these organizational cultures.

At DESIGN+BUILD, we help you assess your organizational priorities and goals so that we can explore and deploy open office space strategies optimized for your needs. Contact us today to schedule your free workspace audit, and we’ll start exploring the possibilities for your future.

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