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Now Is The Time To Prepare For The Return To The Office

Kyle Chandler

Client Relations

As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. We are passionate about workspaces and know that this is the time to make sure employees feel safe and happy returning to work. Whether you are in an open floor plan, cubicles, or private offices, following the CDC’s best practices is vital. We think that means deep cleaning your space before the workforce returns – eliminating bacteria, cold & flu viruses, and mold & mildew.

How can we inspire teams to want to come back to the office? While your team works remotely, DESIGN+BUILD can also add fresh paint, new flooring, and re-lamp light fixtures. No permit is required for this work, so we can get started immediately and be out before you know it. When employees return, they will be returning to a workplace that is updated, refreshed, and sanitized.

DESIGN+BUILD’s typical clean & refresh scope includes:

  • Walls: wiped down, spray sanitized, and/or painted.

  • Paint: fresh and light with modern accents.

  • Carpet & flooring: cleaned or replaced with fresh new products.

  • Ceilings: acoustic ceiling tiles cleaned or replaced and light fixtures re-lamped.

  • Interior windows & frames: wiped down, sanitized, cleaned.

  • Doors & other high-touch surfaces: cleaned and sanitized.

  • Blinds & window coverings: cleaned or replaced.

  • Fabrics / draperies: brushed, cleaned, steamed, & scotch guarded.

  • Restrooms: cleaned & disinfected.

  • Private offices, work surfaces & kitchen: wiped down, disinfected, & dried.

  • Computers, keyboards & telephones: cleaned, air sprayed, & disinfected.

  • Conference & task chairs: cleaned, wiped down, & steamed.

upon completing the refresh process, we will provide a completion card at each workstation, reassuring users that their space has been deep-cleaned. In addition, helpful hints and tips will be provided to ensure good hygiene practices are adopted for the workplace moving forward.

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