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DESIGN+BUILD worked with Delap to develop "resi-mercial" spaces that combined confidentiality with warm familiarity, resulting in well-furnished video call rooms for clients near or far and conference rooms of various sizes to support all meeting types. And for the employees: a sun-soaked kitchen and break room space flexible enough to serve as a work lounge by day and an All Hands/party space for their team to be welcomed back to work.

Delap's full office renovation was centered around the people who inhabit it. Their primary focus was to create an environment that fostered authentic connections with clients in a world that relies heavily on remote meetings. In addition, they wanted to provide a beautiful workspace for their employees who were eager to return to in-person work. The DESIGN+BUILD team partnered with Delap's leadership to bring their vision to life and deliver a space that would meet both their functional and aesthetic needs.

Photography by Josh Partee captured the final result of the project, showcasing the office's stunning design elements. From the spacious lobby to the open floor plan, the new office design boasts a modern and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for client meetings and employee collaboration. The design elements include natural wood finishes, large windows, and greenery that give the space a warm and organic feel.

The new office also incorporates technology that supports remote work, including a state-of-the-art video conferencing system that allows Delap's employees to connect with clients seamlessly from anywhere. Overall, the renovation has been a success in achieving Delap's goals of improving employee and client experiences, as well as delivering a space that reflects their brand and values.


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A workspace expert can help you optimize your workspace to improve productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being. During a consultation, a workspace expert will assess your current workspace and discuss your needs and goals for the future.

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