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Propeller Consulting-Denver

Following the establishment of hybrid design standards at Propeller’s headquarters, DESIGN+BUILD successfully applied these principles to their Denver office. Nestled in a historic Coloradoan building, the space harmoniously blends industrial style with modern touches to create the perfect play of contrasts.

DESIGN+BUILD transformed the heart of Propeller Denver’s workspace, transitioning it from traditional open workstations to a versatile area that supports hybrid work. The redesigned space is tailored for community gathering, featuring a lounge, work pods, and multifunctional ancillary spaces.

Innovative stair seating encourages interactions between floors, providing the perfect place for brainstorming sessions and impromptu meetings. Glass-walled conference and meeting rooms work to open up the space, enhancing transparent collaboration and keeping team members connected.

With the completion of Propeller’s Denver office, we celebrate the successful application of design standards that elevate both workspace functionality and aesthetic appeal. We are honored to have partnered with their team to facilitate the transition to hybrid work environments across their key locations in Portland, Denver, and San Francisco.

Propeller Consulting-Denver

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