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Stash Tea

Stash adopted a hybrid work style which allowed them to reduce the square footage of their office. They took it as an opportunity to move from Tigard back into Portland, where they first got their start 50 years ago. In addition to an open office that allowed for remote collaboration, they needed a robust R&D lab and an inviting retail cafe open to the public.

Back in the bustling city center, Stash’s new Portland headquarters celebrates the pacific northwest in culture, resource, and aesthetic. The urban location stays true to material, and embodies a balance between nature and the built environment.

Warm Doug fir is used throughout, and touches of wood and color define the space in a playful, yet sophisticated way. Staying true to the area’s love of all things nature, you can find Portland’s personality throughout, from the incorporation of planters and greenery, to the eclectic light fixtures and small details in the specified tile and upholstery stitching.

Stash is proud to be a local brand, and excited to continue to thrive in Portland. With construction beginning in October, Stash is looking to open their new headquarters and tea shop early next year.

Stash Tea

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