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USNR, a global supplier of equipment and services to the wood processing industry, sought to modernize their main office building located on their Woodland, WA campus. The renovation project aimed to achieve a new entry vestibule that would welcome visitors, an open and collaborative workstation plan that would align with the nature of their work, and updated finishes that would coincide with their brand and other locations. The DESIGN+BUILD team, involved in design architecture, structural engineering, exterior and interior remodel, and managing a multi-phase, occupied remodel, transformed the space from nearly ground-up to completely remodeled.

The newly constructed entry boasts floor-to-ceiling storefront windows and a dark canopy with the USNR logo, inviting visitors to enter. The reception area and walls, clad with locally sourced white fir, lead to an open and collaborative workspace featuring "bullpen" style workstations with a striking stripe of USNR red. Custom work tables with shelving were designed for colleagues to pore over plan sets and materials together. The adjacent break room, with various seating options and a white fir bar top, overlooks a new outdoor patio.

The finish palette features neutrals with consistent pops of USNR red, and dark charcoal flooring that follows you throughout the space in contrast to the crisp white walls. The open ceiling reveals a vaulted roofline and glu-lam headers existing above. The result is a transformed office space that reflects USNR's commitment to modernization, functionality, and aesthetic excellence.


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