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Featured in this project are open collaborative work and training spaces, wellness areas dedicated to employee care, and a 3500 square foot ISO 6 semiconductor cleanroom (Class 1000).

Recognizing the importance of providing focus areas for employees transitioning from remote work, private office spaces were incorporated to enhance team productivity. The cool, clean aesthetic paired with ergonomic seating strikes a balance between form and function. Acoustic materials were used on the walls to improve sound quality, reduce reverberation, and increase privacy, creating a more productive working environment for clients and employees alike.

Designed with functionality in mind, the new space introduces a variety of work zones to accommodate the diverse schedules and needs of every team member.

Confidential Semiconductor Manufacturer

The DESIGN+BUILD team supported Bridgewell's search in finding the most optimal, commute-worthy space for team collaboration, training, and in-person mentoring opportunities.

The newly designed space features wide corridors perfect for walking phone calls, paired with hybrid-ready meeting rooms for private conversation. The pathway opens up into a dense yet open work area, creating a seamless transition between remote and in-person work. Natural light breathes through every angle, uplifting long-tenured team spirit and jumpstarting productivity. The space introduces a variety of productivity zones, purposefully designed to accommodate the diverse schedules and needs of a dynamic, agile workforce.

Bridgewell Resources

The Cascadia Motion project involved the redesigning of their workspace to cater to the needs of a growing team and niche clientele, while also providing a fresh and modern appearance. Our team worked closely with Cascadia Motion and their parent company, BorgWarner, to gain a comprehensive understanding of their unique program requirements.

The final design incorporates an open floor plan that provides ample space for team members to work together, along with private areas for more focused tasks. The integration of modern furnishings and finishes, combined with vibrant accents and greenery, creates an inviting and inspiring atmosphere.

The result is a workspace that effectively reflects the personality and values of Cascadia Motion, while also providing a functional and stunning environment for their team and clients. The project has been executed with careful attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the design aligns with the client's vision and expectations.

"DESIGN+BUILD was a true pleasure to work with during every step of the process. Aside from their great personalities and professionalism, their key strength is being able to do design, costing and construction management all under one roof. They helped us maximize the design and usage of the space while allowing us to clearly understand budget options."

- Brock Fraser, General Manager | Cascadia Motion

Cascadia Motion

Aura Aesthetics' project objective is to redesign their workspace to provide a beautiful and welcoming environment for hosting clients. The new design aims to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that will provide clients with a positive and inviting experience.

Aura Aesthetics

We are excited to present our newly renovated modern workplace to the public. Our design team infused the space with vibrant and creative elements, bringing energy and inspiration to the workplace. From open collaborative areas to private meeting rooms, the new workspace caters to the diverse needs of every team member. We created a balance between form and function, ensuring that our design not only looks great but also enhances productivity and collaboration. The workspace encourages interaction and teamwork, with ample space for brainstorming, sharing ideas, and cross-functional collaboration. Our goal is to create an environment where every team member can thrive and reach their full potential.


USNR, a global supplier of equipment and services to the wood processing industry, sought to modernize their main office building located on their Woodland, WA campus. The renovation project aimed to achieve a new entry vestibule that would welcome visitors, an open and collaborative workstation plan that would align with the nature of their work, and updated finishes that would coincide with their brand and other locations. The DESIGN+BUILD team, involved in design architecture, structural engineering, exterior and interior remodel, and managing a multi-phase, occupied remodel, transformed the space from nearly ground-up to completely remodeled.

The newly constructed entry boasts floor-to-ceiling storefront windows and a dark canopy with the USNR logo, inviting visitors to enter. The reception area and walls, clad with locally sourced white fir, lead to an open and collaborative workspace featuring "bullpen" style workstations with a striking stripe of USNR red. Custom work tables with shelving were designed for colleagues to pore over plan sets and materials together. The adjacent break room, with various seating options and a white fir bar top, overlooks a new outdoor patio.

The finish palette features neutrals with consistent pops of USNR red, and dark charcoal flooring that follows you throughout the space in contrast to the crisp white walls. The open ceiling reveals a vaulted roofline and glu-lam headers existing above. The result is a transformed office space that reflects USNR's commitment to modernization, functionality, and aesthetic excellence.


Equilibrium needed more space for working and socializing, with lots of flexibility for different types of events. DESIGN+BUILD designers took cues from the existing timber structure of Equilibrium’s new space and built a material palette around the douglas fir glulam. The operable partition between the kitchen and board room allowed for regular social events and for remote employees to come work in the office for an extended period several times per year. The nature of the open office workstations provided additional flexibility for future company growth, and the sustainable materials selected reflected the values of the company.

Equilibrium Capital

GSI Water Solutions' new workspace is a stunning example of modern office design. The project was undertaken with the primary objective of bringing all employees together on the same floor while creating a comfortable and collaborative work environment. The DESIGN+BUILD team worked closely with GSI's leadership to identify the company's unique needs and goals, resulting in a workspace that is both functional and visually striking.

The new space features an open floor plan that encourages collaboration and communication between team members. The central area for breaks and socializing is a focal point of the design, providing a comfortable and inviting space for employees to relax and recharge. The use of natural materials and soft lighting throughout the space creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to productivity and creativity.

In addition to the central social area, the workspace includes private offices, meeting rooms, and a state-of-the-art conference room. The conference room is equipped with the latest audio-visual technology and can accommodate large groups, making it the perfect space for company-wide meetings and presentations.

Overall, GSI Water Solutions' new workspace is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and collaboration.

GSI Water Solutions

Specializing in strategies for managing financial services practices, FP Transitions wanted their headquarters to reflect the values and results they practice and advocate for with their client base. They also wanted an updated look for their workspace that provided options for their employees to take frequent Zoom calls and host happy hours.

Located in Lake Oswego, their refreshed space is bright and welcoming to employees and clients, providing a variety of meeting and gathering spaces for both focus work and collaboration. A central, versatile lounge and coffee bar serve as a landing space for both internal and client meetings, and a fully upgraded café kitchen serves as both a break space and touch-down space, allowing employees to get away from their desks and work in an alternate setting. The necessity for privacy and acoustic separation was also a key factor in the design, accommodated with the provision of additional acoustic materials in open spaces as well as the construction of private focus booths.

FP Transitions

DESIGN+BUILD worked with Delap to develop "resi-mercial" spaces that combined confidentiality with warm familiarity, resulting in well-furnished video call rooms for clients near or far and conference rooms of various sizes to support all meeting types. And for the employees: a sun-soaked kitchen and break room space flexible enough to serve as a work lounge by day and an All Hands/party space for their team to be welcomed back to work.

Delap's full office renovation was centered around the people who inhabit it. Their primary focus was to create an environment that fostered authentic connections with clients in a world that relies heavily on remote meetings. In addition, they wanted to provide a beautiful workspace for their employees who were eager to return to in-person work. The DESIGN+BUILD team partnered with Delap's leadership to bring their vision to life and deliver a space that would meet both their functional and aesthetic needs.

Photography by Josh Partee captured the final result of the project, showcasing the office's stunning design elements. From the spacious lobby to the open floor plan, the new office design boasts a modern and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for client meetings and employee collaboration. The design elements include natural wood finishes, large windows, and greenery that give the space a warm and organic feel.

The new office also incorporates technology that supports remote work, including a state-of-the-art video conferencing system that allows Delap's employees to connect with clients seamlessly from anywhere. Overall, the renovation has been a success in achieving Delap's goals of improving employee and client experiences, as well as delivering a space that reflects their brand and values.


Pendleton Woolen Mills previously had a segmented office layout, which separated their creative teams on different floors, hindering collaboration. Their aspiration was to create an inspiring space that fostered teamwork. To achieve this, we focused on maximizing natural daylight and strategically designed the floor plan around the existing ridge skylights. The outcome was a spacious and airy layout with ample wall space for pin-up displays. Additionally, we incorporated custom storage solutions to showcase their products elegantly, complemented by a subtle material palette that allowed their merchandise to shine. The addition of large workstations and numerous collaboration tables transformed the office into the ideal studio they desired.


One of the most impressive design features of the newly renovated workspace is the removal of a cement wall and the installation of a wooden staircase. The cement wall had been a significant obstacle, creating a physical barrier that prevented the team from seamlessly connecting and working together. By removing the wall, the space opened up, providing a more open and welcoming environment.

The wooden staircase, which replaced the cement wall, serves as a focal point, connecting different areas of the workspace and greatly enhancing its functionality. The staircase's unique design provides both form and function, acting as a statement piece while also serving a practical purpose by allowing team members to easily move between floors and interact with one another.

The overall design is infused with natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere that inspires creativity and collaboration. Logical Position's new workspace is a testament to the power of thoughtful design, bringing the team together and promoting collaboration, innovation, and growth.

60,000 SF - Portland, OR
7,500 SF - Miami, FL
20,000 SF - Charlotte, NC

Logical Position

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