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We are growing again! DESIGN+BUILD looks forward to doubling our Portland HQ footprint in the Wells Fargo Center. Come and check out the new build-out in May of this year.


USNR Headquarters, located in Woodland, WA, sits on a campus consisting of both office and manufacturing space. The renovation of the main office building at the forefront of the campus aimed to achieve an all-new entry vestibule to welcome visitors, an open and collaborative workstation plan to align with the nature of their work, and updated finishes to coincide with their brand and other locations.


Aura was looking for a new look and feel for their newly acquired lease. If you would like to hear more about this project please give us a call.

Aura Aesthetics

Equilibrium needed more space for working and socializing, with lots of flexibility for different types of events.

Equilibrium Capital

GSI Water Solutions was seeking an updated office that allowed everyone to be on the same floor, with a central place for taking breaks and socializing.

GSI Water Solutions

Specializing in strategies for managing financial services practices, FP Transitions wanted their headquarters to reflect the values and results they practice and advocate for with their client base. They also wanted an updated look for their workspace that provided options for their employees to take frequent Zoom calls and host happy hours.

FP Transitions

Delap's primary drive behind their full office renovation was about people: forming authentic connection with clients in a remote meeting world and creating a beautiful office space for their employees looking to return to in-person work. 

Photography by Josh Partee


Pendleton had a segmented office layout that siloed their creative teams across floors. They wanted an inspiring space that encouraged collaboration.


Logical Position experienced rapid growth resulting in a fragmented team that was spread out across multiple buildings. The challenge to create a single space to bring the team together and accommodate the requirements of all departments.

Logical Position

Leatherman needed a refreshed office that invited people back into the post-pandemic office and celebrated their storied history.


Propeller wanted a professional yet welcoming office for their fast-growing company's headquarters in Portland, that could also guide workspace design standards for their offices across the country.


Stash adopted a hybrid work style which allowed them to reduce the square footage of their office. They took it as an opportunity to move from Tigard back into Portland, where they first got their start 50 years ago. In addition to an open office that allowed for remote collaboration, they needed a robust R&D lab and an inviting retail cafe open to the public.

Stash Tea

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